Posted on by Shams Nabi

All new and set for mid 2021 introductions is Sony's next generation of multimedia plays and they have one thing in common - HDMI Input. Earlier this month Sony revealed the XAV-AX8100, XAV-AX5600 and XAV-AX150 which will add or replace units in their current lineup.

The XAV-AX8100 is Sony's Flagship unit and much like the unit it replaces, the XAV-AX8000, it comes loaded with all the "bell and whistles". Sony takes the XAV-AX8100 one step further by adding a HDMI Input. Sony's answer to the floating screen craze, the XAV-AX8000 proved very successful with a attractive price point and features that were not found on any other "floating screen" option at the time of introduction. The XAV-AX8100 takes nothing away with all the same features, including: a 9" touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Weblink, 5V Preouts and more.

One of the industries most sought after unit, the XAV-AX5500, gets a step up model with the introduction of the XAV-AX5600. Packed with all the features of the XAV-AX5500 the XAV-AX5600 gives car audio enthusiasts the option to use a HDMI Input. This combined with its already included wide input options makes the XAV-AX5600 the most feature packed stereo at its price point.

When you think of Sony there is really no "water down" version in its product families. Even in its entry model, Sony manages to add features that can only be found in some of the most highest models of its competitors. This is exactly the case with the XAV-AX150. It's the industries most feature packed entry model available at a price point that can't be beat. A 6.95" Touchscreen Display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, 5V Preouts and HDMI Input will make the XAV-AX150 the hottest unit on the market!

With planned availability to be in mid to late 2021, the newest options available by Sony are sure to be a hit amount car audio fanatics.