First Look At JL Audio's MVi Series Integrated DSP Amplifiers

First Look At JL Audio's MVi Series Integrated DSP Amplifiers

All New JL Audio MVi - The New Standard!

JL Audio’s adds an industry changing series of amplifiers to its marine lineup- the Mvi Series. After the huge success the VXi Series had in car audio, JL Audio has brought the technology to marine audio - a marine amplifier with integrated digital sound processing (DSP). A true “game changer” the MVi gives you the same benefits of the VXi amplifier, giving you the ultimate control over your new or existing system.

With eight different models in the lineup, the MVi has an option for all system configurations. Options include two monoblock models, one two-channel model, one four-channel model, two five-channel models, one six channel model and an eight-channel model. Complete your system upgrade with MVI Hub which will control up to six amplifiers in a single system.

Get ultimate system flexibility by controlling your MVi amplifiers with the new JL Audio TuN software. The software allows control of your system with a Mac or PC via USB wired connection. Or take flexibility one step further and use your iOS or Android device to change settings via Bluetooth (with optional Vxi-BTC).

Want to learn more about these technologically advanced amplifiers? Check out AVLeaderz exclusive first look with JL Audio’s own Rob Haynes at the 2019 Knowledgefest in Dallas, Texas.